The Artist As Creator Studio


Nobel Prize Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa Patron of Second Skin Theatre
From March 12th, 2016, company co-founder and Artistic Director Andy McQuade will be launching a new long-term project aimed at specific artists who wish to tap into the hidden resources and creative forces blocked off to them. The once-weekly sessions will cover many standard disciplines -body awareness, breathing, scene study etc. but all of this work will be driven by uncovering the essential force of your own gift as Creator.
All too often, in our craft, we slip in and out of what is variously referred to as the zone/the flow/truth etc. and all too often trust to chance this vital and essential point of being and core. Although there is no one single way to find this place and operate from it as naturally as you would breathe, there are simple routes available to anyone who wishes to devote regular attention to the quest in becoming a force of true art.
Having studied extensively in India over many years, learning ancient breathing techniques from a master (Pranayama) and reaching Master Level in Reiki, Andy will impart both knowledge and first-hand direct experience of the untapped gifts every artist has at their disposal, but whose path is almost always blocked. The course will dispense with mystical jargon or the redundant notion that a lifetime of serious devotion is required to become illuminated: you already are. This course will help you uncover that which you’ve put a veil over.
Ultimately, we will all explore one of the greatest ‘secrets’ of life and art: we are all Creators of our own reality. Once we have a basic acceptance of this concept, through feeling and experiencing, our entire Universe, life and art changes in ways so profound as to never be the same again.
With over twenty years in the industry and winner of four awards (Best Actor/Best New Play/Best New Writing -London Solo Fest, 2010 and more recently, ‘Best Theatre Director 2012’ Fringe Report) Andy has established a firm reputation as a theatre innovator with over 50 productions to his name and one with a singular vision and approach, garnering plaudits from audiences, press and fellow professionals alike.
Please click HERE for peer, press and artist reviews of his work and approach.
The course will consist of:
Light yoga
Movement & Expression
Energy Work
Scene Study
Soul Drama (technique for experiencing ‘past lives’)
The importance of dreams/lucid dream introduction
Audition Preparation (or, How An Audition Is The Most Exciting Thing You’ll Ever Experience!)
Please note: there is no ‘religious’ tone or content whatsoever in the course!
The classes will take place in Theatre Row, each Saturday, 1pm -4pm. Applications must be made in writing with a description of your work to date and why this particular course appeals.
Acceptance on the course is by audition only. Auditions last 15 minutes and will take place every Saturday at 3.30pm and 3.45pm.
Course numbers are strictly limited to 8 people. Currently 3 places available.
Cost: $50 per class. Discounted when booking for 12 weeks.
To apply, or to ask any questions: