Quills by Doug Wright

quills web“This is an extraordinary performance – it’s soaked in innuendo, the ensemble plays beautifully to the details of the devil and the atmosphere swells with joy at every lewd gesture.” THE STAGE

“Second Skin, in their atmospheric new venue, excel even their own uncompromising, high-stakes, intensified-reality brand of theatre. Quills is a knockout… a feast… intrepidly exploring the limits of our outrage and of our compassion.” REMOTEGOAT

“Lust, love, religion and authority are tangled in an honest, shocking and often hilarious portrayal of a world on the edge of meltdown…. devilishly delicious… a thrilling sense of voyeurism.” STOKE NEWINGTON PEOPLE

“The production will not disappoint anyone who believes theatre should be vital, challenging and visceral”

“Hilarious… Lauren Kellegher is on brilliant form, trembling with indignation, and faking a heart condition supposedly brought on by her husband’s notoriety” EXEUNT MAGAZINE

“Second Skin are steadily consolidating their position as N16’s resident theatre company… a gripping and humorous production… impressive cast, with atmospheric set and stylish costume design.’’ N16 MAGAZINE

“This is a very challenging piece – highly entertaining because of its ironic humour but also dark and disturbing. I enjoyed every minute of it.” UK THEATRE NETWORK

“This is a dark and disturbing tale… strong on humour and the dichotomy between the comedy and depravity”

“It made my stomach flip, sometimes with revulsion, when I heard the stories of depravity which he narrates, and simultaneously with excitement of the illicit and forbidden.”

“I felt such a kinship of pride that I as an actor/playwright was among peers worthy of my praise. They had in a short time filled the theatre with laughter, moments of personal recognition of our own folley and inspired me to go home and write this. I hope you attend what I consider to be a GEM.” ALLAN MEROVITZ REVIEW

“Performed brilliantly” THE FLANEUR ART BLOG

“Andy McQuade [as the Marquis de Sade] brings a really physical arch humour to the role, embracing the character’s innuendoes with a relish that made me think of the Joker from Batman” WRITE OUT LOUD

“I am blown away by every aspect of the play … it belongs to a stage in the west end for a longer run” THEATRE IN LONDON