‘Sugartown’ by William Whitehurst

Second Skin Theatre is thrilled to announce a very special reading of acclaimed playwright William Whitehurst’s mesmerizing and epic new play ‘Sugartown’.

We are honoured and delighted that the playwright will be flying to LA from Asia especially for this event.

Attendance is invite only, but the event itself is absolutely free. To request tickets, simply email: mail at secondskintheatre.com


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Dylan Hawthorne returns home after having fled under mysterious circumstances years earlier to learn that his mother has recently died and that his brother, Scottie, has gotten in too deep on a drug deal. When Scottie’s pregnant wife, Kelly, appeals to Dylan for help, she unwittingly opens the door to a dark past that threatens to destroy all three of them.


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CAST (from left to right)

Brandon Ruling as Scottie

Asia Lynn Pitts as Kelly

Joey Ruggiero as Dylan

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